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Outstanding Results




Approved SRP Grants for 16 clients for $68,975,615.09


1273 downhole wellbore abandonments, +900 wellsite decommissioning's, abandoned 189 pipelines and pipeline segments, abandoned 21 oilfield facilities, performed 332 Phase 1 assessments, 195 Phase 2 assessments and 346 wellsite and pad reclamations.

Arrowhead's Indigenous Involvement in SRP

One of the key objectives of the SRP was to provide employment opportunities for Alberta's specialized
oil and gas labor force. Arrowhead Abandonments leadership in the program led to the creation of
numerous job opportunities for the local Indigenous communities, fostering economic growth and
empowering the residents of Frog Lake First Nation. By providing an opportunity for new startup
companies, stable employment and managerial training opportunities, Arrowhead Abandonments has
contributed significantly to the long-term economic resilience of the community. Arrowhead was able
to improve Indigenous workforces for licensed producers from the prior statistics of less than 10%, to an
impressive increase of 85-100% Indigenous workforce when closing out sites on First Nations lands.
Arrowhead Abandonments work in the SRP has had a far-reaching impact on the environment in Frog
Lake First Nation. The companies focus on completing a high volume of environmentally significant
work has led to the rapid restoration and reclamation of numerous wells, pipelines, and oil and gas sites
and facilities in the region. This progress not only benefits the local ecosystem but also sets a positive
example for other Indigenous communities and stakeholders in the oil and gas industry. During Period 6
of the SRP funded program, $6.5MM was used to abandon (zonally isolated and cut and capped) 365
wellbores. A total of 306 sites had decommissioning work completed them for a total of $7.4MM, along
with 6 facilities being decommissioned for around $0.5MM. There were also 90 pipeline and pipeline segments
abandoned to government regulations and standards for $1.1MM. 280 Phase 1 environmental site
assessments were performed for $0.5MM, which required an additional 147 Phase 2 environmental site
assessments follow up assessments costing $2.3MM, all resulting in 318 site reclamations completed on
FLFN lands for an additional $16.4MM. Of the $33.9MM allotted to FLFN, $32.5MM (96%) was spent on
restoration of the lands back to their original state. and underbudget.
Arrowhead Abandonments takes immense pride in its role as a leader in the SRP and its contributions to
the Frog Lake First Nation community. The company is honored to have been given the opportunity to
lead a project of such magnitude and importance. Arrowhead Abandonments achievements in the SRP showcase the potential for Indigenous-led businesses to make a meaningful impact on the environment,
the economy, and the lives of Indigenous people. As a result, we are grateful to have received an award
for the Overall Partner of the Year with Frog Lake First Nation. Our successful collaboration with the Chief and
Council on the SRP has led to the completion of all viable contracts and the full restoration of land
previously occupied by oil and gas sites.



The companies first project was an Area Based Closure (ABC) project for the Orphan Well Association (OWA) by Buffalo, AB. The OWA is an industry-funded collaboration among the Alberta Government, provincial regulators and oil and gas producers to work toward a common goal: protecting public safety and managing the environmental risk of oil and gas properties that do not have  a legally or financially responsible party that can be held accountable. These properties are known as "orphans." The mandate of the OWA is to safely and efficiently decommission orphan oil and gas wells, pipelines, production facilities and restore the land as close to its original state as possible. It was a 309 well project executed with coil tubing units. Working along side Prowler Energy Services, Arrowhead was able to provide knowledgeable engineering insights to help reduce costs of downhole abandonments. With two full time Arrowhead toolhands on the project, all wells were fully abandoned in just a few months for the cheapest price per plug set for OWA work.



The Accelerated Site Closure Program (ASCP) was Saskatchewan's way to federally fund the abandonment, decommissioning all the way to reclamation or remediation of inactive oil and gas wells and facilities. Arrowhead Abandonments was proud to be partnered with White Bear First Nation and to execute work out of our Arcola, SK based shop. Although our workload was not as big as the Alberta program, our work still had a significant impact on the restoration of land back to the communities.

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