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Arrowhead Abandonments was formed when two brothers combined their skill-sets of engineering, supervision and downhole tools.  Arrowhead Abandonments is a First Nations owned and operated company, who are looking to promote Aboriginal employment.  Our band is Peepeekisis by Fort Qu’Appelle SK, but we also have offices in Coleville SK, Frog Lake First Nation and Brooks AB.  We strive to maintain an Indigenous workforce when qualifications are met, including contract services.

Kevin Heck  C.E.O.

With over 20 years of oilfield experience, 6 years working on a snubbing unit and 14 years as a dedicated tool hand, Kevin has gained many distinct skills as a down hole tool specialist.  Kevin has been specializing in strictly abandonments for the last 7 years, completing both large and small projects in a timely and cost effective manner, for numerous oil and gas companies.  His vast knowledge and extensive experience can compliment many different abandonment applications.

Clayton Heck  C.E.T.

With 25 years of oil field experience, including 10 years working service rigs prior to becoming a wellsite supervisor, Clayton went back to school and graduated from SAIT with a Petroleum Engineering Technology diploma.  Now combining his extensive field knowledge,  with recent technological education, Clayton will help you design leading edge, safe and cost effective programs and mitigate many troubles before they can ever surface.

Want to experience the expertise of Arrowhead Abandonments for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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